Have you ever noticed how, when you don’t talk to another feminist for a few days or weeks, you start to gaslight yourself a little? Second guess that micro-aggression, worry you’re reading too much into an interaction, wonder if maybe you’re just being too emotional? Secret Feminist Agenda is here to remind you that FUCK THAT your experiences of the world are real and valid. Also feminists are just inherently interesting.

Secret Feminist Agenda is a weekly podcast about the insidious, nefarious, insurgent, and mundane ways we enact our feminism in our daily lives. Hosted by academic and podcaster Hannah McGregor.

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  1. I just want to thank u for such a mind blowingly incredible podcast. I found it in a time when I’ve been lacking regular feminist input for a while, & then I listened to all episodes in a few days. It’s all SO dope & I find myself wanting to write everything down in quotes or print t-shirts & make cross stitch art from like everything u & ur brilliant guests say. It’s such a beautiful mixture of intellectual discussions, theory, wittiness, warmth, diversity, really sharp analysis & really hands on strategies. It felt like an awakening, not necessarily because everything was news to me, but because I got reminded on a really deep level on what’s important in life & how life actually can get transformed through feminist theory, practices & relationships. THANK U SO MUCH from bringing this to the world, it means a great, great deal. Love // a Swedish fan

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  2. Hello there!

    I am a long time listener, of both Oh Witch Please and Secret Feminist Agenda. I was thinking about your “fun” episode and was curious if you might know anything about a concept called intentional magic. As a perpetual camp counsellor, I live for intentional magic. This is art of being able to create magic out of pretty much nothing. Growing up poor and with a rotating door of siblings, camp (made accessible via bursary) taught me how to make magic when all I really had was ice, rock salt, milk and vanilla flavouring (if your curious, it does in fact make ice cream). I would love to engage in a dialogue with y’all about this because creating magic when there doesn’t seem to be any hope at all is something I would love to teach the world. Another very special example, while working at my camp (which serves youth from shelters, foster care systems, off the streets etc) my favourite thing to do was to serve my kids breakfast in bed. It was done for me, as a camper, and was a tradition I chose to maintain. When you see their eyes light up because someone else has gotten up early to make them food and bring it right to their bed sides; those are the best looks you will ever receive.

    Many thanks for all the hard work you do!



  3. Hi! I’m not on Twitter, so thought I’d try getting in touch here. For your upcoming work on feminist public intellectuals in podcasting, I’m really enjoying the podcast/magazine/blog Lady Science (https://www.ladyscience.com/). Their Star Trek episode (Ep. 6) is probably my favourite, but their SCIENCE-science ones are fascinating and delightfully angry as well.
    Thank you so much for all of the work you’re putting into the podcast. It’s one of the things helping me get through these dark days.


  4. Hi! I live for your podcast, I come from a small town and I feel very isolated when it comes to feminist debate so this is my touchstone to a community that I wish I had in real life. Please never stop broadcasting!

    I would really like to hear you have a conversation with someone doing really interesting work through YouTube to discuss education and activism on the platform. Some of my favourite creators are Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Ari Fitz and Hannah Witton although there are many others doing amazing work and any discussion on the topic I think would be fascinating.

    I love listening each week and if I used iTunes I would give you 5 stars!!


  5. Hi, Hannah,
    I have been listening to SFA for almost a year. And I really appreciate your work. Thanks
    Your takes on power relations in academia, and how podcasting can function as a tool for expanding the defintion of knowledge and research are really interesting.
    But I must admit that, as a cis-men, listening to the podcast has been mostly a way of expanding my views on the daily struggles against patriarchy, which I experience as feminist supporter. In this sense, it has been so powerful and important to listen to so many different female and queer voices, and understand how the systematic oppression and control of women´s subjectivity and bodies is entangled with daily and occasional topics.
    For instance, your episode on Killjoy Survial Kit made me cry so many times! Something you said (or maybe, you were paraphrasing Ahmend? it doesn’t matter) about killjoy as tool to create new joys hit me hard. Just wanted you to know, that SFA is definitely in my survival kit.


  6. Hannah and everyone contributing to the production of this podcast, thank you.

    It has only been a few months since completing my undergraduate degrees at a suffocatingly conservative university in North Dakota. Recovering from this experience, I have jumped around numerous living situations and even more states (I’m from the U.S.) in a short period of time. One could say like an unfocused child running through an amusemment park. Finding your podcast (along with a few other wonderful podcasts) has become part of my healing process in tending to wounds I may or may not have
    noticed. It has also helped me refocus and reprioritize.

    In the coming future I plan to go to grad school, because (legitimacy be damned) I have felt that completely grad school is like completing the final boss of life goals for myself. I have spent all of my undergraduate career consuming deconstructionist, decolonizing, feminist, and anti-racist theory. I applied it to nearly every assignment I was given and mostly focused on looking at science and legitimacy politics of systems of knowing. I appologize for taking this space to talk about myself. I do have a point to address though.

    For those of us in the fields of environment resources, conservation, etc. I really think there is a gap in easily accessable knowledge on: feminist science, decolonizing science, nonhuman relations, non-capitalist value systems for nature, and scholars or individuals that share the philosophies of you and your guests for the scientific and environmental fields. I was hoping that in the future these topics could be addressed or access to this knowledge could be provided, as this is such an amazing platform to share both ideas and individuals.

    I want to thank you all again for all of your hard work and for making a safe place to recover from the constant gaslighting of the world.

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  7. Hello Hannah!

    Thank you for broadcasting the secret feminist agenda. I am currently based in the oil & gas sector and find my mind to melt from the conservative, redneck, and misogynistic environment. My position within the oil & gas sector has changed, and so has my growth. It seems that men have not.

    In short, I have been reading more about “empathetic politics” and how that can be folded into a conservative, production, and male based business model. I was wondering if you might do a podcast on the subject and explore whether or not “empathy” and “corporations” can truly coexist. I find myself often told being “empathetic,” is not the “right way to do business.” Mind you, this is always conveyed by an older white male.

    Additionally, I would like to bring to light the amount of verbal abuse, and harassment that is still continually occurring on Canadian oil & gas construction sites to our women. That, I continually overhear men who speak openly about women’s private areas, the prostitutes they have hired, or the size of women’s breasts. When I hear this, and start to fidget, I am told that “I should grow a thicker skin.” In this day and age, should I be growing a thicker skin? Where does feminity fit within the current oil & gas sector?

    Your voice carries across many wavelengths, and I was hoping to bring attention to these two topics.
    Thank you Hannah. Thank you for being a voice to many interesting, and inspirational topics.


  8. Hi Hannah,

    I am so excited to discover this podcast. I have heard you on HPST and knew you had the Witch Please podcast but I am over Harry Potter at the moment and am glad to engage with you in another way. I have often been seen as a radical feminist since high school in the 1980s when all I want is for women to have equal voices in the world and to not be endangered just for being born. I am only on episode 3 and am looking forward to binge listening as a distraction from waiting for the election results.

    Thank you.


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