Have you ever noticed how, when you don’t talk to another feminist for a few days or weeks, you start to gaslight yourself a little? Second guess that micro-aggression, worry you’re reading too much into an interaction, wonder if maybe you’re just being too emotional? Secret Feminist Agenda is here to remind you that FUCK THAT your experiences of the world are real and valid. Also feminists are just inherently interesting.

Secret Feminist Agenda is a weekly podcast about the insidious, nefarious, insurgent, and mundane ways we enact our feminism in our daily lives. Hosted by academic and podcaster Hannah McGregor.

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  1. I just want to thank u for such a mind blowingly incredible podcast. I found it in a time when I’ve been lacking regular feminist input for a while, & then I listened to all episodes in a few days. It’s all SO dope & I find myself wanting to write everything down in quotes or print t-shirts & make cross stitch art from like everything u & ur brilliant guests say. It’s such a beautiful mixture of intellectual discussions, theory, wittiness, warmth, diversity, really sharp analysis & really hands on strategies. It felt like an awakening, not necessarily because everything was news to me, but because I got reminded on a really deep level on what’s important in life & how life actually can get transformed through feminist theory, practices & relationships. THANK U SO MUCH from bringing this to the world, it means a great, great deal. Love // a Swedish fan

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