Episode 1.2 Social Media & Moana with Lucia Lorenzi

We’re back, and this time we’re chatting with academic, activist, and artist Lucia Lorenzi about her love for Moana and Maleficent, Twitter as a platform for feminist activism, and why sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. Here’s some conversation-adjacent reading: A few thoughts on Why We Need a Female Doctor in Doctor Who  Some articles from teen-led feminist […]

Episode 1.1 Eyeliner & Astrology with Xine Yao

It’s here! The first official episode! Join me as I talk cut-creases, deadlifting, and ill-advised teenage atheism with academic and podcaster Xine Yao. If you want more to read/listen to on these topics, here are some suggestions: Check out Virgie Tovar’s Take the Cake column on Ravishly  Learn more about What We Mean When We […]

Episode 1.0 Let’s Start Something

Welcome to Secret Feminist Agenda! Every week* I’ll be interviewing a feminist about how they undermine the cisnormative heteronormative ableist imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in their own lives. Mostly I just want to talk to amazing humans about how they enact resistance in both large and small ways. Get ready for laughter and tears […]