Episode 2.13 Politicizing Tragedy

This episode is just one big content warning. I’m talking about politicizing tragedy, and public mourning, and I touch on a lot of hard things and recent, awful events, including the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, the Quebec City Mosque shooting, the death of Coulten Boushie, as well as mass shootings and school shootings, cancer and […]

Episode 2.12 Getting Fucked Up on Learning (& Roller Derby) with Gillian Roberts

By popular request, and despite my personal disinclination towards sports, I’m finally talking about roller derby! With none other than brilliant and badass literature-scholar-slash-derby-player Gillian Roberts. After she very patiently explains to me what exactly roller derby is and how it differs from Whip It, we chat about women in sports, the link between hobbies and […]

Episode 2.11 Emotional Burritos

It’s a short one this week folks, but don’t worry, the feelings/minute ratio is exceptionally high. This episode isn’t about playing–not even in the killjoy sense of being about losing. Actually, it’s kind of about being sad, but it’s also about friendship and forms of care and what to do when someone you love is sad. […]

Episode 2.9 Knowing Your Limits

Gosh, first failure and now limits, I’m just a barrel of fucking laughs, aren’t I? Anyway, this week I’m talking/thinking (talk-thinking) (thalking?) about both feeling out my personal limits — in terms of energy, emotional labour, etc. — and feeling out my limits in relation to others, especially where my whiteness leads me to believe […]

Episode 2.8 Being Bad at Poker with Emily Riddle

To clarify, I’m not claiming that the very brilliant Emily Riddle is bad at poker, but in this conversation we talk about dealing and playing cards, women’s relationship to recreational fun, and the liberating possibilities of being enduringly bad at something. We also talk about whether casinos, reparations, care work, tech bros, and cake. It’s a […]