Season One

Episode 1.0 Let’s Start Something

Episode 1.1 Eyeliner & Astrology with Xine Yao

Episode 1.2 Social Media & Moana with Lucia Lorenzi

Episode 1.3 Little Tiny Things & Big Huge Questions with Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart

Episode 1.4 Hufflepuff Self Care with Kaarina Mikalson

Episode 1.5 Can(n)ons & Revolutions with Andrea Hasenbank

Episode 1.6 Taking Up Space & Feeling Safe with Leslie Allin

Episode 1.7 Basic Witches with Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman

Episode 1.8 Rising Signs & Anticapitalist Poetry with Adèle Barclay

Episode 1.9 Emoji Faces & Feminist Friendship with Erin Wunker

Episode 1.10 Baby Noises & Decoding Toxic Masculinity with Brenna Clarke Gray

Episode 1.11 Lazy Women & Eating the Rich with Cynara Geissler

Episode 1.12 Embracing “Good Enough” with Cynara Geissler PART TWO!

Episode 1.13 Laughing Disparagingly at the Google Memo Dude with Aadita Chaudhury

Episode 1.14 Doctor Who & Planning Podcasts in Pools with Eugenia and Toya

Episode 1.15 Rethinking Podcasts with THIS GUY (Points at Self)

Bonus Episode- Podcasting, Public Scholarship, and Accountability

Bonus Episode- Tis the Season for Feeling Feelings