Episode 3.13 Understanding White Supremacy

A selfie of Hannah dressed up for New Year's Eve. She's wearing a gold velour top, a gold chainmail necklace, gold hoop earrings, gold eyeshadow, and black glittery lipstick. She looks like a cool wizard, basically.
My NYE look / the energy I’m bringing into 2019

Content warning for discussions of racial violence.

Happy 2019, you gorgeous humans. I hope everyone got a chance to take some time off and refresh before the calendar reset. I don’t really believe in resolutions, but I do like the way significant dates give us a chance to pause and refocus on what counts. And we’re starting off strong in 2019 with an episode about what is and isn’t white supremacy, the recent resurgence of race science, and the responsibility white folks have to keep educating ourselves and working actively against white supremacy as a system. Here are some links!

Download Episode / Transcription To Come

The podcast theme song is “Mesh Shirt” by Mom Jeans off their album “Chub Rub.” Listen to the whole album here or learn more about them here. Follow me @hkpmcgregor, follow Kaarina @kaarinasaurus, and tweet about the podcast using #SecretFeministAgenda.

Secret Feminist Agenda is recorded and produced by Hannah McGregor on the traditional and unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

2 thoughts on “Episode 3.13 Understanding White Supremacy

  1. Hey Hannah,
    you asked about podcast suggestions and I immediately thought abut Talking Feminisms
    thats a german radioshow/podcast which is partly in german and english.
    Made by “women* with different backgrounds united in the ideas of intersectional queer feminist empowerment and love for music”. and one of them has been my professor. 🙂
    The premise is that there is not one feminism but various feminisms, and so they bring great discussions of various topics on the show.
    PS: I love your podcast ❤


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