Episode 3.23 Pain

taking deep breaths through the pain

Content warning for discussions of chronic pain and illness, drug addiction, and cancer.

I jokingly tweeted a screenshot of the audio file for this episode with the caption “The telltale shape of a hard-to-record minisode.” I was referring to the long, conspicuous gaps that betray how hard I find it to talk about some topics. Episode 2.3 “On Being Seen” had a similar shape, pre-edit. The hard episodes, for me, are usually the personal ones. And this is a personal one. I’m talking about pain and how it links to trauma; and I’m talking about the incredible work of disability studies scholars and disability justice activists. And because I’m talking about a bunch of really great writing, here are a bunch of links:

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Secret Feminist Agenda is recorded and produced by Hannah McGregor on the traditional and unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

One thought on “Episode 3.23 Pain

  1. I’m about to start my MA in English at Trent U this September, with a proposed research-creation piece largely in the area of critical pain theory and cultural studies. My curiosity in this field is admittedly heightened by my experience living with in a body with complex regional pain syndrome; I’m presently 26 and had an innocuous seeming fracture at 12 years of age, that has developed into a life-long, presently incurable, progressive condition that renders me in pain 24/7.

    I’ve read many of the recommended works you’ve suggested and can’t wait to look into those that are unfamiliar to me! I have many recommendations if you are interested! If nothing else, I would check out—the book-length lyrical essay—Tender Points by Amy Berkowitz and the more theory-heavy—you seem to share that rare excitement reaction so many do not at this!—Inside Chronic Pain: An Intimate and Critical Account by Lous Heshusius.

    As an aside, Dr. Robert Morrison had us read Zwarenstein’s nonvella for a Literature of Addiction seminar when it came out, and I was so profoundly moved by it. Following her on Twitter is actually how I came about this piece. To that end, I was very touched by this episode and, not having heard of SFA previously, am now very eager to check the rest out!

    I would love to correspond on the topic further if you are interested! Thank you for being so respectful and self-aware about such a brutally difficult topic.


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